ZenOK is a free antivirus software for Windows XP / 7

If you are a long time user of Microsoft Windows and you are concerned about your computer’s security, then you could give ZenOK a try, ZenOK is a simple to use free antivirus software for Windows XP and Windows 7.

ZenOK is a free antivirus software for Windows XP / 7

ZenOK antivirus 2010 is a professional antivirus application, its interface is very colorful and simple and will give you a deep impress. However it does not give you many options to customize.

Feature List

  • Protect your pc/laptop against viruses, rootkits, spyware, dialer, adware, bomb files, trojans, worms, bots.
  • Update the definition of virus every hour.
  • It has a tabbed interface, the UI is straightforward and self-explanatory.
  • Use heuristics technology to detect and block zero day viruses, unknown threats.
  • Scans new files, internet, email and networks in real time.
  • High performance and low system resource usage.

If you have installed Avira AntiVir or other antivirus software in your computer, you may need to disable the real time guard function or uninstall them before you install ZenOK.

Download ZenOK from it’s official website or CNET.

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