XVI32 – Free Portable Hex Editor That Supports Large/Huge/Big Files

XVI32 is a free, compact and portable hexadecimal editor developed by Christian Maas. As we all know, although UltraEdit and NotePad++ support editing files in hexadecimal mode, however, if you open large files with them, they will make your system feel like it’s swimming through treacle.

XVI32 - Free and Portable Hex Editor That Supports Large/Huge/Big Files


  • Supports manipulating big/large/huge files up to 2GB.
  • Built-in data inspector and script interpreter.
  • Insert, edit, delete hex or text string.
  • Search and replace hex string or text string( as Unicode Latin (UTF-16LE) ).
  • Count occurrences of specific string.
  • Supports up to 9 bookmarks.
  • Print and print preview.
  • Go to decimal/hexadecimal address in absolute/relative up/relative down mode.
  • And many more.

Also check out HxD, which is another excellent hex editor.

XVI32 supports most popular Windows including Windows 7 and Windows XP, etc.

XVI32 is a 493KB download available from the developer’s website.

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