WinMerge is an excellent text comparison tool

If you have ultraedit installed in your office’s computer, then you must know that you can use it to compare two text files easily, however ultraedit is a commercial software, if you need to compare two files at home, just check out WinMerge, it’s a freeware which has been designed for that purpose, it’s an excellent text comparison tool and can save your money.

WinMerge is an excellent option for displaying differences visually between files or directories, once you have downloaded WinMerge and make it run, you could click the file menu and select open, then select two files for left and right respectively and click OK, then WinMerge will highlights differences between them, side by side, as seen blow.

text comparison freeware tool

You can drag the scrollbar or click the toolbar to scroll to the next/previous difference, it has a nice and simple user interface.

Features of WinMerge:
* Multilingual User Interface supported, to change the language, just click the “View” menu and select “Language…”.
* The install package is only about 3.1Mb.
* Visual differencing and merging of text files.
* Handles Windows, Unix and Mac text file formats.
* Unicode support.
* Tabbed interface.
* Flexible editor with syntax highlighting, line numbers and word-wrap.
* Highlights differences inside lines.
* Folder Compare.
* Version Control.
* Shell Integration.

The operating system supported by WinMerge include: Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/Vista/2008.

Download WinMerge here:

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