What’s Running is an incredible process monitor

What’s Running is a powerful process monitor freeware which could tell you all of what’s happening on your Windows system, it could give you detailed information about all your system’s active processes, connections, drivers, services, with it you can kill some processes to make your computer run smoother, you can find out more information about a process, it’s an excellent utility!

What’s Running is developed by a computer genius, it’s definitely one of the best process viewer program, you could analysis the process which seems like spyware or virus and shut down it, if you are sure that there’s a virus process, you should kill the process and delete the file, if you can’t delete it you should use unlocker to unlock and remove it.

1,Processes: explore all processes in a hierarchical tree view, you can view the relevant details and the memory/CPU usage information of a specified process, you can stop the process or change its priority, or check info online.
2,IP-Connections: Find out information about all active IP-connections in the system. Get a list of what remote connections each program have and find out what applications are listening for connections.
3, Services: Inspect what services are running and stopped, find the process for your services and inspect it’s properties easily!
4, Modules: Find information about all dll:s and exe:s in use in your system. For each module you can find all processes that have loaded the module. Also you can find the full path and immediately open the folder where the file is located.
5. Drivers: Find information about all drivers, for running drivers you can inspect the file version to find out the supplier of the driver.
6. Startup: Manage all your startup programs. Disable, edit, delete, create new easily. Manage startup programs regardless of source (registry or Startup folder).
7. System information: Show important system information about your computer, such as installed memory, processor, registered user, OS and OS version.

Download: http://download.cnet.com/What-s-Running/3000-2094_4-10256718.html

What’s Running supports Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7.

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