XaoS – Unbelievable Fractals Generator

In the last week we’ve covered Apophysis, which is a popular fractal generator for Windows. XaoS is not just another fractal generator, I have installed and tested thousands of different software, XaoS is one of the few applications which gives me deepest impression.

To get an initial impression of XaoS, first generate a random fractal image by clicking the item “Load random example” under the “File” menu, then press the key “a” to switch to autopilot mode, XaoS will move and zoom in in a fluid, continuous motion.

Free fractal design software


  • Supports dozens of hot keys.
  • Supports multi-processor computing.
  • Real time rendering at a high frame rate.
  • Supports 24 fractal formulas: mandelbrot, newton, barnley, octal, phoenix, magnet, triceratops, catseye, lambda, manowar, spider, sierpinski, user defined, etc.
  • Supports several incoloring modes and outcoloring modes.
  • Supports lots of filers like edge detection, pseudo 3d projections, starfield, motionblur, emboss, antialiasing, etc.
  • Allows to export to a single png file.
  • Allows to export to a series of png files that can be used to create video animation with other programs.
  • Supports recording fractal animations.
  • Well-documented.
  • And many more…

XaoS works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Mac OS X, Linux.

XaoS is a free download available from the developer’s website.

Additional resources: tutorials, galleries, features.

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