Turn Your Photo/Picture Into a Cartoon/Sketch/Oil Painting

Oil painting or pencil sketching is not an easy task, it will take years to learn and practice. You can use Photoshop to convert your digital photo to an oil painting, but the steps is a bit complicated. FotoSketcher is a free and deadly easy to use software devoted to transforming your photograph into a variety of effects including pencil sketch, watercolor, oil painting and cartoon, etc. The result is almost unbelievable, it’s very, very stunning and awesome!

Convert photo/image into pencil sketch/oil painting

Image by gigmum2008


  • Drag n drop.
  • Mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
  • 20 predefined effects available: pencil sketch, oil pastel sketch, pen & ink sketch, painting( recursive filter/bilateral filter/watercolor/oil painting/brushstrokes, etc. ), pixelation, colored dots, cartoon, vivify photo, vintage photo, etc.
  • 5 parameters tweakable: edge threshold, edge intensity, color intensity, darken/lighten, level of contrast.
  • Allows to add a frame, texture and text.
  • Allows to soften edges.
  • Allows to set the drawing as desktop wallpaper.
  • Supports batch processing.
  • Supports the following file formats: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp.
  • Supports printing.
  • Allows to crop the image and resize source image while keeping image radio.
  • Automatic contrast and sharpening.
  • Rotate left/right.
  • Copy to or paste from the system clipboard.
  • Undo/redo.
  • 12 window styles available: Laconic, 2010 Black Aero, Animate, Snow Leopard, Air, HUD, 2010Silver, GPX, Office 2010 Black, Spectrum, Vista, Magnificient.

FotoSketcher works on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

FotoSketcher is a 5.92MB download available from CNET.com and the developer’s website.

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