The Most Lightweight MD5 Checker

We’ve reviewed several MD5 hash checkers in previous posts: the best MD5/SHA1 hash generator for Mac OS X, the best MD5/SHA1 checker for Windows, the best online MD5/SHA1 hash generator, the most comprehensive MD5/SHA1 checksum utility for Windows, as well as 3 command line based MD5 checkers.

The Most Lightweight MD5 Checker

MD5 hash is a deadly simple free MD5 checker for Windows, it’s a single file application and takes only 9KB of disk space, meanwhile, it still has a GUI. Launching it will open a dialog which lets you choose a file for checksum computing. After you’ve selected a file it will calculate and present the final checksum to you.

The string is automatically selected, you can copy it to clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C.

MD5 hash supports most mainstream Windows OSes.

MD5 hash is a 4.48KB download available from the developer’s website.

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