The fastest pdf reader in the world for Windows

I’ve covered similar lightweight pdf reader in other chapters, such as Slim PDF Reader, Sumatra PDF Reader, this time I’ll show you a pdf reader which is probably the fastest one in the world, if you are a keyboard guru and like to keep all things simple, it’s perfect for you! It’s super fast, lightweight, portable, and open source.

MuPDF is a lightweight PDF viewer which is released by Artifex Software Inc, you can open a pdf file within one second, just as you open a txt file with NotePad which is shipping with Windows. There’re no any menus, toolbars or status bars, but you could do almost anything with keyboard shortcuts:
Left click: pan.
Right click: select and copy text.
Hold down shift when scrolling to zoom.
+, -: Zoom in and out.
N, space: Next page.
B, backspace: Previous page.
Shift-N: Skip 10 pages forward.
Shift-B: Skip 10 pages backward.

The software package comes with a utility named pdfclean, this tool can be used to decrypt, encrypt and decompress PDF files.

Download Now:
MuPDF for Windows:
MuPDF for Linux:

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