The Best Way to Use Dropbox in Conjunction with TrueCrypt

Imagine that you want to sync a TrueCrypt container to Dropbox, you should keep the file compact( for example, less than 500MB ), but it makes your backup / file operation life more inconvenient because you will have to deal with multiple different directories and virtual partitions.

On the other side, if you want to increase / enlarge / expand a TrueCrypt volume, you’ll need Extcv , a free and open source utility.

But things get easier if you are a Windows 7 user, you can “increase” the size of TrueCrypt volume or “split” a big volume into smaller ones without bother any third-party program.

Increase the Size of TrueCrypt Volume or Container

Suppose that the drive letter of your virtual partition is N:, you can simply create a new virtual partition( for example, M: ) with TrueCrypt and “insert” it into N:. To do that just launch the command prompt as administrator, type in the following commands and press Enter:

Since then all the files and folders copied into the folder of n:\disk are actually copied into drive M:.

NTFS junction point

You can make your TrueCrypt container fit with Dropbox, DVD discs, old usb flash drives easily in this way.

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