Free Lightweight Text Editor

TextEdit is a free, simple and slim text editor for Windows, you can use it as an alternative to Windows Notepad.

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How To Calculate The Amount/Sum Of Numbers In All Lines[ UltraEdit Tricks ]

As we all know, we can compute the amount of numbers in all lines in a specified column in Microsoft Excel. Actually, we can also use UltraEdit to perform this computation, here’s how.

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Free Large Text/Hex File Editor & Viewer

WxHexEditor is a free, open source, portable and cross-platform hex/text editor developed by Erdem U. Altinyurt, its editing function is very simple, where it really shines is that it provides users the power to open huge/big/large files up to 2EB … Continue reading

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XVI32 – Free Portable Hex Editor That Supports Large/Huge/Big Files

XVI32 is a free, compact and portable hexadecimal editor developed by Christian Maas. As we all know, although UltraEdit and NotePad++ support editing files in hexadecimal mode, however, if you open large files with them, they will make your system … Continue reading

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How to Configure UltraEdit Integration with WinMerge/KDiff

UltraEdit is definitely the best text editor for Windows, but its built-in comparison utility is a bit simple, WinMerge and KDiff3 are two best free and open source file comparison software, you can integrate UltraEdit with them easily, there are … Continue reading

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Free OCR Software to Convert Image/PDF to Text

GImageReader is a free OCR( optical character recognition ) utility developed by Sandro Mani, it’s a GUI frontend to Tesseract OCR. GImageReader provides you the ability to convert an image or pdf file to text with a few clicks, you … Continue reading

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Geany – Free Open Source Text Editor[ UltraEdit Alternative ]

Geany is a free, cross-platform and open source text editor and source code editor, It’s an excellent alternative / replacement to UltraEdit, NotePad++ and PsPad.

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Another Free Full-Function Text Editor[ UltraEdit Alternative ]

We’ve covered several excellent free UltraEdit alternatives such as NotePad++ , PSPad and Crimson Editor, RJ TextEd is another amazing one.

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Simple and Excellent Free Text Editor for Windows

EditPad Lite is a free for personal use program that is designed as alternative to Windows Notepad, it’s lightweight and deadly simple to operate.

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A Handy Open Source Text Editor[ NotePad Alternative ]

AkelPad is a free, lightweight, handy and open source replacement to Windows NotePad, it does not deliver any breakthrough innovations, but it’s worth a few clicks, you could download and use it without spending a dime.

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