Free Program to Hide Active Windows with Boss Key

Clicky Gone is a free and simple software developed by alan_howie, it allows you to hide active application windows with the global shortcut key combination you specified.

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Save and Restore Desktop Icon Layout the Easy Way

Icon Restore is a free Windows application for saving and restoring the placement of desktop icons. It will add two items to the right button menu of “My Computer” on the desktop for easier access.

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AlwaysMouseWheel – Enable Mouse Wheel Scrolling in Background Windows

We’ve covered WizMouse and KatMouse a few days ago, with the assistance of either one of them you can scroll the window under the mouse even if it’s not active. AlwaysMouseWheel is a substitute( alternative ) for WizMouse and KatMouse.

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Freeware to Save & Restore Desktop Icon Layout

Everyday when I turn my computer on, I launch the most frequently used applications like Chrome, UltraEdit, TrueCrypt, 1by1, etc by clicking their shortcuts on the desktop, however, sometimes the desktop icons are messed up, it’s hard to find my … Continue reading

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Excellent Free Hotkey Utility

We’ve discussed how to launch any application or folder from the run dialog box in March this year. Hotkeyz is a free program that enables you to define keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands, you can improve the productivity of … Continue reading

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Freeware to Enable Scrolling the Window Under the Mouse

You can’t scroll the inactive window under the mouse in default situations, to scroll it you must make the windows active through mouse clicking. However, you can enhance the functionality of this feature easily with third-party tools.

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3 Free Clock Screensavers

We’ve rounded up three screensavers which will display the current time on your desktop to remind everybody to save time.

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Launch Any Application or Folder From the Run Dialog Box

As we all know, we can hit the Win + R key to bring up the run dialog, then type calc and press Enter to launch the calculator, type regedt32 or regedit to launch the registry editor, type gpedit.msc to … Continue reading

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Free Utility to Adjust the Brightness of Monitor

Desktop Lighter is a free, slim and handy software that offers user a chance to adapt the brightness of computer/laptop/netbook display in an efficient and dead-simple way.

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Portable Software to Save and Restore Desktop Icon Positions

DesktopOK is a portable, multi-language and compact utility capable of saving and restoring the positions of desktop icons automatically in the background, it works on almost any Windows os.

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