Free and Portable Utility to Wipe Files and Folders Permanently

Blank And Secure is a free, compact, portable and handy program that allows to securely delete specified files and directories perennially, the deleted files can not be recovered with data recovery software.

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Undelete Files with Free Data Recovery Software

PC INSPECTOR File Recovery is a free program which could rescue files from local hard drive / usb flash drive / digital cameras memory, if you deleted important files by mistake, you can use this software to get them back … Continue reading

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Recover Files From Crashed Hard Drive or Scratched CD/DVD

If your hard drive or CD/DVD discs crashed but there are still some valuable documents on it, you sure want to copy those files to another storage drive, but the windows copy doesn’t work: it will stop copying when it … Continue reading

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Excellent Free Data Recovery Software For Windows 7 & XP

If you delete your valued and irreplaceable files/folders by mistake and you have not backup them with backup & sync software, for instance, the source code for an important project, the photos of you and your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband, you may need … Continue reading

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