Customize the Background Color of All Web Pages( FaceBook, CNN, … ) in Opera Browser

There are a lot of free Internet browser software on the Internet, such as FireFox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. Some are gaining users, some are losing users, you might have switched from one browser to another. … Continue reading

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Chrome/Firefox/IE/Opera/Safari Password Recovery Utility / Password Revealer

It’s a good habit to enhance the security of your daily web browsing routine by creating passwords for different websites with random password generator, and it’s convenient to let your favorite web browser( FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer ) … Continue reading

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Download Firefox 4 Final for Windows/Mac/Android/Linux

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 final version is now available for download from the official website!

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Block Specific URLs in Google Chrome Browser

In scenarios where you are trying to block an entire website, a whole subdomain or network zone( like ), you might think of Windows hosts file or COMODO firewall first, however you can’t use them to block a specific/particular … Continue reading

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5 Extensions to Customize/Change the Most Visited Sites to Your Own URLs in Google Chrome Start Page

Opera browser is a sophisticated application that provides you the ability to customize the background image / layout / URLs of the highly customizable speed dial, however, the new tab page of Google Chrome is almost not customizable, it displays … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Change Background Color and Image of All Pages in Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser has been one of the most popular internet browsers in a short period, meanwhile, widescreen monitors are used by most of those who are using desktop computer as the device for internet surfing, most monitors have a … Continue reading

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Free Firefox Password Recovery Software for Windows 7 & XP

Mozilla Firefox browser allows you save usernames and passwords in your profile for later use, but if you forget your password on Facebook / Twitter / Google / Yahoo / Digg, and you desire to log into these websites using … Continue reading

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Download Latest Stable Version of Google Chrome Standalone Installer

( Windows Only )Google Chrome is a free, efficiency and easy to use internet browser, as we’ve covered before, you can download Google Chrome full installation file from a variety of websites, in the Google Chrome support forum someone provided … Continue reading

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Move and Encrypt Chrome user profile directory

Google Chrome is the best web browser for Windows, however, your companion / employer / spouse / boy friend / girl friend can easily retrieve your password saved in Chrome by using some tricks, or view your browser history when … Continue reading

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Comodo Dragon Browser – the browser focus on simplicity and security

Comodo personal firewall is one of the best firewall software for windows, Comodo Dragon Browser is an internet browser based on Chromium, it has all the advantage of chrome, and supply more benefit for us, especially in security and privacy.

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