6 Best Bandwidth Meter Gadgets for Windows 7

NetWorx and NetMeter are two excellent network usage monitoring programs, but they are desktop applications, if you are favorable of using windows 7 gadgets, the following distinctive ones are created for you.

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Another Best Network Bandwidth Monitor Software

NetWorx is the best bandwidth meter freeware, we have no complaints about it, but if you are looking for an alternative to NetWorx or DUmeter, I highly recommend NetMeter, it has many similar features to NetWorx. NetMeter is lightweight, portable, … Continue reading

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Five Best Bandwidth Limiter/Shaper Software

Microsoft Windows is a multithreaded operating system, it’s the most popular one now, but it lacks many important features, such as built-in MD5 checksum calculation, memory management( it does not deal with memory fragmentation ), as well as bandwidth limiting/balancing. … Continue reading

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Best free traffic controller( bandwidth limiter ) software( Windows 7 / XP )

Sometimes it’s very necessary to limit the bandwidth of your internet connection, otherwise the other users in same local network will has poor internet connection, they even cannot visit Google.com! Some network software are very rude, you could not browse … Continue reading

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Best bandwidth monitor freeware – monitor traffic in real time

Maybe you are using a commercial bandwidth monitor/meter or traffic controller software, such as DU Meter, BWMeter, Broadband Usage Meter, NetPeeker, Bandwidth Monitor Pro, NetLimiter pro. Actually there are many free bandwidth monitor program / traffic controller program, they are … Continue reading

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