5 Ways to Synchronize Your Sticky Notes Across Multiple Computers

We’ve picked up 6 Best Free Sticky Notes Software for Windows about 9 months ago, but if you have several computers, you might want to keep your sticky notes synchronized between them so that you can access these notes from any computer.

Here are 5 ways to get the job done, hoping that they could boost your productivity.

1, Synchronize your notes with DropBox

Almost all desktop based sticky notes applications can be synchronized with DropBox, including the inherent sticky notes shipped with Windows 7. There are 2 different methods to do this:

1.1, Install the software as portable version and move it to the DropBox’s directory, or set its user data directory to reside in the DropBox’s folder.

1.2, If your operating system is Windows 7, simply create a symbolic link with the mklink command, for example, suppose that the DropBox folder is “d:\DropBox”, and the user data folder of your sticky notes is “C:\Program files\Notes”, you can create a symbolic link using the following command:

Stickies( download it now ) is the best desktop sticky notes software, and making it portable is easy.

2, Sticky Notes Online: Synchronize notes between Windows, iPhone and Macintosh via the developer’s server

Sticky Notes Online is a widget( gadget ) that can be installed on Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X, iPhone, etc. It allows to add multiple notes and sync notes to the server every ten minutes periodically.

You can download it from http://www.sharpra.com/Notes.aspx or Live.com( Windows only ).

3, Cloud Notes: Store and sync notes using Google Doc

Cloud Notes

Cloud Notes is a Windows 7 gadget designed to save sticky notes to the cloud, you can access the existing notes anywhere through any computer.

Get it from Live.com.

4, iQ-Notes: Synchronize sticky notes through your own FTP server

iQ-Notes is a Windows desktop application that allows to add unlimited number of notes on the desktop, each one supports multiple tabs, you can set alarms, attach notes to applications, and synchronize notes with FTP server, 3 transfer type are supported: normal transfer, passive transfer and secure SSL transfer.

You can get it from the developer’s site or Softpedia.

5, Synchronize the sticky notes with Live Mesh or Amazon S3

Obviously it’s possible to sync your sticky notes with Amazon S3 or Live Mesh, if you have any good suggestion, please let us know.

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