Superior Free Sticky Notes Software for Windows 7 / XP

Post-it desktop notes software is probably the most useful utility, ATnotes is a free, lightweight and easy to use sticky notes application, it allows you create notes on desktop, set alarm for important schedules, it gives you many options to customize and has very low system resource usage, it’s a good alternative to Stickies.

Excellent Sticky Notes freeware

Feature List

  • Easy to figure out.
  • It allows you customize font, text color, background color, border color, transparent value, gradient type for each note, you can save your custom settings as a template for later use.
  • All notes are dragable and resizeable, you can set their size and position freely.
  • Allows you manage all notes with built in note manager.
  • Allows you set single or repeat alarm, you can set a note alarm every hour / day / week, pop up with a message box, flash note, run a specified program.
  • Supports full text search.
  • Allows you customize hotkeys.
  • Allows you send notes to other computers in a local network.
  • It has build-in multilanguage support.


You can not set the initial size of a new note, and the notes does not snap each other.

Download ATnotes

ATnotes works on Windows 7 / Windows XP / Vista / 95 / 98 /Me / NT.

Download it from CNET or the developer’s website.

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