Smallest Lightweight Linux Distro & Linux Live CD ISO

We’ve reviewed the Best Lightweight Linux Distro a few days ago, it’s only 30MB in size but comes with dozens of useful applications. Tiny Core Linux is the littlest Linux distro, it takes about only 10MB of disk space, and has the option to install to local hard drive or USB pen drive.

Smallest Lightweight Linux Distro & Linux Live CD ISO

After you’ve downloaded Tiny Core Linux, you can burn it to CD with free CD/DVD burning utility and subsequently boot your computer from the live CD. Alternatively, you can boot up your virtual machine created with VMware, VirtualBox or Microsoft Virtual PC from the iso file directly, it takes only about 10 seconds to boot up!

Tiny Core Linux has a Mac OS X like toolbar, a file manager, an apps manager and some other little utilities. You can browse, search, download and install your favorite applications via the apps manager with a few clicks, there are hundreds of applications in the list like Google Chrome browser, Firefox, Opera, Midori, OpenOffice, php, mysql, apache, pidgin, cdrtools, clamav, codeblocks, dosbox, doxygen, dropbox, parted, part clone, python, scite text editor, SDL, etc.

Installing an application is easy, just open the apps manager, hit the “connect” button to let Tiny Core Linux download and update the apps list, then select or search for your favorite app, choose “download and load” and press the “Go” button, Tiny Core Linux will download the installation package from the server and subsequently install it for you automatically, once it’s installed, a shortcut icon will be added to the Mac OS X like toolbar, you can launch it with a single click.

Tiny Core Linux is a 10.5MB download available from CNET and the developer’s website.

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