SlimPDF Reader is another lightweight Adobe Reader alternative

We’ve covered similar software like Sumatra PDF Reader, Slim PDF Reader is probably the smallest PDF Reader, it’s size is only 1.4MB, you can view or print any pdf document with it, if you like to keep things as simple as possible, you should be trying out it.

Nowadays there’re too many bloatware, they take up too much memory and harddisk space, for example, Nero Multimedia Suite 10 is about 292MB, but the size of dvd burning software Ashampoo is only about 8MB, it is just 2.7% of the size of Nero!

Slim PDF Reader is fully featured for viewing and Printing PDFs and eliminates the bloatware and useless features of other PDF readers. It starts up fast and helps your computer run faster. Slim PDF Reader has one simple focus: Read, view and print your PDF files.

The idea behind Slim PDF Reader was to get back to basics and create a fast and bloatware free solution for securely viewing and printing PDF files. As other PDF readers get away from this goal by adding unrelated features to their PDF readers and introduce new security flaws, Slim PDF Reader has opted to take the opposite approach by working with the view that a PDF reader is simply meant to read and print PDF documents. Slim PDF Reader comes with the key PDF viewing and printing features you need and nothing more. The end result is that Slim PDF reader is only 1.43MB in size. It loads quickly and it views and prints any PDF file in a secure fashion. Slim PDF Reader respects its users’ privacy and won’t bombard them with update notices or with offers to download other software during installation.

Download Now:

Operating system supported: Windows XP/Windows 7/2000//2003/Vista/Server 2008/NT.

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