Set any region of a window always on top easily

In the previous post I’ve covered a freeware named DeskPins which allows you to set any window always on top, however some applications’ window have an extraordinary big size, if we set them on topmost, they will cover too much screen space. OnTopReplica is a freeware utility which allows you crop away unnecessary portion of a window and set the specified region of a window always on top of other windows.

With OnTopReplica you can clone any window and view it in a small thumbnail that always on topmost, even if it lost focus. Now you can watch a film/video on Netflix while surfing facebook, reading news, etc. To use it you will need at least Windows Vista Home Premium( with Aero activated ) and the .NET Framework 2.0.

Key features of OnTopReplica:

  • Makes a replica of any region of a window.
  • Sets the window’s transparency and its size.
  • Supports Click-through fullscreen mode.
  • Supports Click forwarding.

Download OnTopReplica here: setup.exe or

To learn how to use it, please refer to the author’s site.

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