SciDAVis – Free Data/Function Plotting Software

SciDAVis is a free, simple-to-operate, flexible, cross-platform and open source plotting program developed by Tilman Benkert and Knut Franke, it’s based on OpenGL and QT, SciDAVis makes analyzing and visualizing scientific data a breeze.

Free Plotting Software

How to use SciDAVis

If you have the lasted version of Python installed( for example, Python 2.7 ), you might need to rename the file “python27.dll” in your system folder( “C:\Windows\System32″ ) to “python26.dll” to get SciDAVis working.

Then you can launch SciDAVis, now I’ll show you how to create a matrix and draw a 3D plot with it.

First, click on “File” – “New” – “New Matrix”, then change the value of “First column X” and “First Row Y” to -10 respectively and hit the “Apply” button under the “Coordinates” tab, now navigate to the “Formula” tab, copy and paste the following code into the big edit field:

Now active the left spreadsheet which contains tens of rows and columns and press CTRL+A to select all the items in the current matrix, then hit the “Apply” button directly right of the label “Formula” in the right panel, all the entries of the matrix will be calculated and filled in immediately, as seen below.

SciDAVis - Free Data/Function Plotting Software for Windows / Mac / Linux[ MATLAB Alternative ]

Now you can hit the “3D Wire Surface” button on the bottom toolbar to let SciDAVis render the 3D plot of the matrix we defined above for you. You can check out the online manual for more detailed information, although it’s a bit outdated.

SciDAVis - Free Data/Function Plotting Software for Windows / Mac / Linux[ MATLAB Alternative ]


  • Allows to render 2D graph or 3D surface from table or function.
  • Allows to draw the following kinds of plots from table: line, scatter, line+symbol, spline, vertical bars, horizontal bars, area, pie, box plot, histogram, stacked histogram, ribbon, bars, trajectory, etc.
  • Allows to render 3D diagram with bars, dots, cones, crosshairs, wireframe, filled polygons, etc.
  • Allows to zoom in/out, rotate, play animation.
  • Supports Python script.
  • Several data analysis operations supported: translate, differentiate, integrate, smooth( Savitzky-Golay, FFT filter, Moving window average ), FFT filter( low pass, high pass, band pass, band block ), interpolate, FFT, fit linear, fit polynomial, fit exponential decay, fit exponential growth, fit boltzmann(sigmodial), fit Gaussian, fit lorentzian, fit multi-peak, etc.
  • Allows to export to bmp/png/pdf/eps/ppm/ps/svg/xbm/xpm files.
  • And many more…

Download SciDAVis

SciDAVis works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

SciDAVis is a 9.55MB download available from

External resources: Python, OpenGL.

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