Freeware to Save & Restore Desktop Icon Layout

Everyday when I turn my computer on, I launch the most frequently used applications like Chrome, UltraEdit, TrueCrypt, 1by1, etc by clicking their shortcuts on the desktop, however, sometimes the desktop icons are messed up, it’s hard to find my desired one.

1, DesktopSave( Windows )

Freeware to Memorize & Restore Desktop Icon Layout

DesktopSave allows to save and restore desktop icon layout, gamma and screen resolution with a simple click, it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, however, it’s not as efficient as DesktopOK( download it ) in our tests.

DesktopSave is a 1.02MB download available from the developer’s website.

2, Desktop Icon Manager( Mac OS X )

Freeware to Save & Restore Desktop Icon Positions

This is an AppleScript which gives users the power to store and restore desktop icon positions, where it excels is that even if you have changed the screen resolution, it still works well.

DIM is a free download available from the developer’s website.

3, DesktopSaver( Windows )

Freeware to Store & Restore Desktop Icon Layout

DesktopSaver is a free and open source program, after installation, it will reside in the system tray, you can save the settings of present desktop icon positions to a new profile and restore it later with ease. During our tests it succeeded to restore most majority of the desktop icons but failed to restore minority of others.

DesktopSaver is a 247KB download available from

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