PWGen – Cool Open Source Random Password Generator

PWGen is the abbreviation of “Password Generator”, it’s a free, open source, useful and user friendly random password generator for Windows developed by cthoeing( Christian Thöing ), thanks to its simple and clean interface, you can create a complicated password or passphrase quickly and easily.

Free Random Password Generator


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Arbitrary password length.
  • 6 different character sets: b64, hex, easytoread, Hex, AZ-az-09, AZ-az-09-symbols.
  • Secure memory management: memory allocated by the program is filled with binary zeros before deallocation.
  • Uses up-to-date cryptography (AES, SHA-2).
  • Encrypt clipboard and decrypt clipboard with password.
  • Create file containing purely random data.
  • Combine words with characters.
  • Generate large quantity of passwords with one click.
  • Exclude ambiguous characters.
  • First must not be a low-case letter.
  • Include at least one upper-case letter / digit / special symbol.
  • Exclude repeating consecutive characters.
  • Redefine ambiguous characters / special symbols.

PWGen supports all 32-bit Windows operating systems including but not limited to Windows 7, Windows XP.

PWGen is a 882KB download available from SourceForge.

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