Place a sticky notes gadget on the desktop which syncs to Google docs [Windows 7 freeware]

Windows 7 comes with a utility which named Sticky Notes, but you can only make notes with it on your own computer. Cloud Notes is a sticky notes freeware which allows you edit, store, access and share notes easily through secure HTTPS connections using your existing Google Account, all your notes are stored on Google Doc, so you can access them from virtually anywhere!

Features of Cloud Notes:
* Set to always on top.
* Opacity customization( 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% ).
* Secure HTTPS connections to Google.
* Support most languages.
* Manage multiple notes.

Moreover, an Android version of Cloud Notes will be released soon. You can support the author by making a donation and as a thank you they will send you an Advanced Key.

Cloud Notes:

Download here:

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