Partition Logic – Free and Open Source Partition Manager

Partition Logic is a free and lightweight partition magic alternative and Norton ghost alternative, it gives you the ability to manage and clone partitions with ease. You can boot your machine from a CD disc which Partition Logic resides on and manage your hard drive, in spite of your regular operating system type( Windows, Linux ,etc. ).

Free and Open Source Partition Manager


  • Allows to create, move, defragment, format, delete, hide/unhide, reorder, erase and resize partitions.
  • Allows to copy entire partition or hard drive from one to another.
  • Allows to list the information of selected partition: active status, type id, starting cylinder/hd/sector, ending cylinder/hd/sector, logic start sector, logic size.
  • Supports erasing the data securely by overwriting successive passes of random data.
  • Supported partition types include: FAT12, XENIX root, XENIX /usr, FAT16(small), Extended, FAT16, NTFS or HPFS, OS/2 or AIX boot, AIX data, OS/2 Boot Manager, FAT32, FAT32(LBA), FAT16(LBA), Extended(LBA), Hidden FAT12, FAT diagnostic, Hidden FAT16(small), Hidden FAT16, Hidden HPFS or NTFS, Hidden FAT32, Hidden FAT32(LBA), Hidden FAT16(LBA), JFS, Plan 9, Hidden Netware, PowerPC PReP, QNX 4.x, Ontrack R/O, Ontrack R/W or Novell, CP/M, GNU HURD or Unix SysV, VmWare, Linux RAID, MDOS, etc.
  • Write basic MBR.

However, Partition Logic currently also has some limitations.

Partition Logic is a 3.5MB download available from the developer’s website.

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