Move and Encrypt Chrome user profile directory

Google Chrome is the best web browser for Windows, however, your companion / employer / spouse / boy friend / girl friend can easily retrieve your password saved in Chrome by using some tricks, or view your browser history when you leave. Today I’ll show you how to change Chrome profile location to a new folder, and encrypt the whole profile directory, anyone else won’t have the ability to explore your privacy any more.

1, Change Chrome profile folder

Right click the icon of Chrome shortcut on desktop, in the “Google Chrome properties” dialog, navigate to the “Shortcut” tab, focus on the “Target” edit box field, then append the string –user-data-dir=”k:\dat_chrome” at the end( suppose that you want to change the profile directory to k:\dat_chrome ), remember to leave a space between the origin string and the appended string.

In Windows 7, the default location of chrome profile folder is: C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data.

In Windows XP, the default location of chrome profile folder is:C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data.

Move and Encrypt Chrome user profile directory

2, Encrypt Chrome profile folder

Now you can use disk encryption software such as Truecrypt or Comodo Disk Encryption to create and mount a virtual drive, set the path of your Chrome profile folder in the virtual drive.

Now all your cookies, browsing history, download history, cache and saved form data will be reside in the encrypted partition, after you have unmounted the virtual disk and closed chrome, only god and you know which website you’ve visited.

If you put your encrypted partition or file container in your USB thumb drive, then your Chrome user profile is portable and encrypted, you can use it between different computers, and always carried the secret.

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  1. Pakko says:

    Rohos Mini would also be a wonderful tool in this case. I’d say even faster, more reliable and easier than TrueCrypt