Make an encrypted USB flash drive with free USB encryption software

Nowadays we often store documents and data on a usb thumb drive, but if you lost the USB flash drive which contains critical and sensitive data, it will be a big disaster! The USB flash drive itself is very cheap, but sometimes the data on it is invaluable, imagine that if your competitor get it, what the result will be!

There are many usb flash drive with hardware encryption in the shop, but if your flash disk does not come with that function, you could make encrypted USB flash drive yourself with free USB encryption software easily!

Make an encrypted USB flash drive with free USB encryption software

USB Flash Security is a small utility that could protect the data on USB flash disk with a password, it will install the “security release tool” in your USB flash memory, so any computer can release the security. Before you access “Protected Area”, a password is required, the encryption and decryption is on the fly and transparent to you, it uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm, which is industrial standard.

USB Flash Security supports the following OS: Windows XP / Vista(32bit/64bit) / Windows 7(32bit/64bit).

Download now from CNET or the author’s website.

Alternatively, you can use truecrypt or Comodo Disk Encryption to encrypt local hard drives or USB flash drive too.

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