LTFViewr – Great Free Large Text Viewer

LTFViewr( Large Text File Viewer ) is a simple, lightweight, free and portable text viewer which is specially designed for viewing extraordinary big files.

Excellent Free Large Text File Viewer

Feature List

  • It could open and display large text file( >1 gigabyte ) immediately for you.
  • High performance and low system resource usage.
  • Automatically detect and refresh the file opened when it is modified by other programs.
  • Allows you split the view vertically or horizontally.
  • Allows you search string using regular expression.
  • Supports both ANSI and Unicode text files.
  • Allows you customize font name, font style( regular, italic, bold, bold italic ), font size, font color of the text.
  • Supports drag n drop.
  • Supports zoom in / zoom out using ctrl + mouse wheel scroll.

Large Text File Viewer does not support editing, if you want to edit a large text file, please check out HxD, it’s a excellent alternative to LTFViewr.

Large Text File Viewer works on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download LTFViewr from the developer’s website or CNET( Version 4.1 ).

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