Listen Music In a Different Style- Slow Down or Speed Up, Change Pitch of MP3/CD with BestPractice

BestPractice is a free and open source application for Windows developed by Robert Moerland, it is designed to tweak the speed or pitch of music from a CD or MP3/WAV file. Regardless of whether you’re a music student or experienced musician, or just an ordinary music listener, you may find it useful, funny and handy.

Free Music Pitch Changer for Windows

Ocean Rise: Tony O’Connor


  • Speed up or slow down music without changing the original pitch.
  • Change the pitch while keeping the tempo.
  • Allows to loop music.
  • Check CDDB( Compact Disc Database ).
  • Allows to tune the volume, playing pitch, playing speed, pitch fine adjust.
  • Built-in anti-aliasing filter.
  • Allows to change the time-stretch quality.
  • Supports karaoke mode.
  • Allows to customize treble pass-though frequency range( 0Hz to 20000Hz ).
  • Allows to customize bass pass-though frequency range( 0Hz to 5000Hz ).
  • Allows to change optimal vocal suppresion.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Supports multi-language user interface including English, German, French, Japanese, etc.

BestPractice works on all 32-bit Windows operating systems including but not limited to Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000.

BestPractice is a 618KB download available from CNET and SourceForge.

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