Lightweight and Portable OGG|WAV|FLAC to MP3 Transcoder

LameDropXPd is a free and open source audio transcoding utility based on LAME, it turns converting music files in flac/wav/ogg format to mp3 format into a one-click action, it’s light and portable, you can use it without installation.

Lightweight and Portable OGG|WAV|FLAC to MP3 Transcoder

LameDropXPd is probably the most simple wav/flac/ogg to mp3 converter, there is only a label and a logo located in the main window, all you required to do is drag one or multiple music files from Windows explorer or desktop and drop them into LameDropXPd, it will begin the converting process instantly.

To tweak the audio quality or tag of the output file, simple right click on the main window, a context menu will pop up, letting you to customize the audio quality between 10 and 100, as you drag the sliders, you will notice that the VBR quality changes from 9.00 to zero, while the bitrate changes from 64kbps to 256kbps.

Portable OGG|WAV|FLAC to MP3 Converter

In the tagging setup dialog, you are allowed to add id3V1 tag, id3V2 tag, select auto tagging, copy offvorbis/FLAC comments, customize the genre, year, artist, album and title of the target audio file.

LameDropXPd works on almost all Windows versions, such as Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

LameDropXPd( 386KB only ) and its source code( 682KB ) is a free download available on the developer’s website:

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