Light, Free and Open Source Text Editor[ Notepad Alternative ]

Notepad2 is an alternative to Windows Notepad which provides many useful features to you including syntax highlighting, zoom in / zoom out, rectangular selection, file encryption, bookmarks, etc.

Feature List

  • Lightweight, fast, easy to use.
  • Revert file to last saved state.
  • Open text file in read mode.
  • Regular expression search / replace.
  • Sticky window position; Always on topmost; Minimize to system tray.
  • Customize font, foreground color, background color of comment, keyword, identifier, string, number, operator, preprocessor, target, variable, alias, cmdlet, regex, function name, class name for the following languages: C / C++ / C# / JavaScript / Python / SQL / CSS / Html / PHP / XML / LUA / Ruby, etc.

Notepad2 works on all popular Windows OS including Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download Notepad2 from the developer’s website or or Google( 64-bit ).

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