Incredible Lightweight and Portable File Splitter and Joiner

We’ve covered two free file splitting and joining applications before: FFSJ and HJ-Split, the former one supports data encryption and md5 checksum calculation, the later one supports both Windows and Linux, it also has an embedded file comparison program and a MD5 checksum tool.

Incredible Portable File Splitter and Joiner

File Splitter is a light, portable and simple file splitter and merger, it contains only a single file, which takes only 41KB of disk space, it does not need any installation, to launch the application just double click the file and it will open.

The user interface is straightforward and self-explanatory, just specify the operation mode( split or splice ), the input file, the output folder and the segment size, hitting on the “Split” or “Splice” button will begin the splitting/joining process instantly, it does the job with minimal time and effort.

File Splitter works on most popular Windows platforms like Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

File Splitter is a 41KB download available from CNET.

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