Incredible Free and Open Source Process Hider and File Hider

HDEU( HideDriver exchange utility ) is a free, lightweight and portable process hiding and file hiding software developed by Sergey Popenko, it allows to hide any processes from almost any process monitors/viewers including Windows task manager and hide any files from almost any file managers including Windows explorer.

Almost all free boss key software do not provide the power to protect your private applications from prying eyes by hiding their processes from Windows task manager, but HDEU does.

Free and Open Source Software to Hide Processes and Files

HDEU hides processes and files by hooking and intercepting the Windows API calls ( such as EnumProcesses, OpenProcess, EnumProcessModules, FindFile, FindFirstFile, FindNextFile, OpenFile, etc. ) executed by process viewers and file managers. These Windows API calls are usually hooked by firewall software like COMODO Firewall, antivirus software and viruses, rootkits, etc.


  • Free, open source, easy to use.
  • Supports hiding processes and files by wildcards.
  • Supports multiple-processor operating systems.

How to use HDEU

After you’ve downloaded and extracted the file, right click the file “HideDriverGUI.exe” and select “run as administrator”, then specify the correct driver path of the file “HideDriver.sys”, hit the “install” button and then the “Run” button. Then you can navigate to the “Process” tab or “Files” tab, add processes or files via the right button menu. If you specify the process name to “*.exe”, almost all processes will be hidden from Windows task manager immediately, however they are still visible on the Windows taskbar, you can use any other programs( like boss key programs ) to hide them with a simple call like ShowWindow(hWnd, SW_HIDE).

HDEU works on most popular Windows platforms like Windows 7 and Windows XP.

HDEU is a 219.38KB download available from CodeProject( You must log on to download it, get a free account from Bugmenot. )

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