How to Search Within Google Directory

Google Directory was built upon dmoz which is the largest human-edited directory on the web, I used to visit Google Directory frequently a few years ago. However, dmoz was edited by thousands of editors manually, so it’s NOT objectivity, meanwhile, dmoz is horribly outdated now. But Google Directory is still a good place to discover useful websites and resources. Google removed the option to search inside Google Directory last month, so how to search inside Google Directory now?

Suppose that you want to search LifeHacker within Google Directory to get LifeHacker alternatives, but the traditional ways do not work, you typed the phrase below in Google search box but found nothing:

Using the phrase below does not work too:

Here are three ways that get things done:

1, Search inside dmoz first

Dmoz will present the subdirectory contains LifeHacker to you:, but all sites are displayed in alphabetical order, to sort them in Google PageRank order, just generate the corresponding URL of Google Directory from the previous URL:

2, Search within

Try to query Google using the following phrase:

3, Use &cat=gwd/Top

Add “&cat=gwd/Top” as a parameter to your search query, for instance, this is your original querying phrase:

The line below will redirect your search inside Google Directory:

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