How to Configure UltraEdit Integration with WinMerge/KDiff

UltraEdit is definitely the best text editor for Windows, but its built-in comparison utility is a bit simple, WinMerge and KDiff3 are two best free and open source file comparison software, you can integrate UltraEdit with them easily, there are just two steps:

1, Open the file named UEdit32.ini with UltraEdit or Notepad

In Windows XP the file is located in this folder: “C:\Documents and Settings\ Your username\ Application Data\ IDMComp\ UltraEdit”.

In Windows 7 the file is located in this directory: “C:\Users\ Your username\ AppData\ Roaming\ IDMComp\ UltraEdit”.

2, Add just one line to UEdit32.ini

Find the string “[Settings]” and add the following line to the [Settings] section:

Compare EXE=”C:\Program Files\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe”


Compare EXE=”C:\Program Files\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe”

Then save the file and restart UltraEdit, now when you compare two files opened with UltraEdit, UltraEdit will call WinMerge or KDiff3 to fulfil the comparison task.

One Response to How to Configure UltraEdit Integration with WinMerge/KDiff

  1. misterhaan says:

    i tried doing this for kdiff3, and it almost works! the only problem is if one of the files has a space in the path, it tries to do a 3-way compare with the two parts of the path with a space. for example, C:\test\file1.txt and C:\reference files\file2.txt would end up trying to compare C:\test\file1.txt, C:\reference, and C:\Program Files (x86)\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit\files\file2.txt . . . and the last two don’t exist. i’m using ultraedit so maybe it works in the latest version, but if anybody knows something else i can configure to make it pass the filenames to kdiff3 correctly i’d like to know!