How To Calculate The Amount/Sum Of Numbers In All Lines[ UltraEdit Tricks ]

As we all know, we can compute the amount of numbers in all lines in a specified column in Microsoft Excel. Actually, we can also use UltraEdit to perform this computation, here’s how.

Suppose that you want to get the sum of numbers in all lines in the following paragraph:
Freeware (111)
Gadget (222)
Games (333)
Internet (444)
iPhone (555)

First, we should delete all the letters and symbols in the paragraph, press Ctrl+R to bring up the “Replace” dialog, then check on the option of “Regular Expressions: UltraEdit”, input the following line in the editbox under “Find What”:

Clear the content in the editbox under “Replace With”. Then hit the “Replace All” button, now the paragraph should has turned into:

Now place your cursor in the top left most area of the active document( just before “111″ ), then click the “Record” item under the “Macro” menu, press the “OK” button to start recording a new macro, press the “Home”, “End”, “+”, “Delete” keys respectively, then click the “Stop Recording” item under the “Macro” menu, now press Ctrl+M repeatedly to play the macro until the paragraph is turned into the following line:

Now launch the Windows Calculator, paste in the string “111+222+333+444+555″ and press Enter to let calculator compute the result( 1665 ) for you.

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