HDGraph – Free Software to Analysis, View and Free Up Disk Space in a Pie Chart

We’ve covered a free and portable disk space analyzer freeware – TreeSize last year, HDGraph is an open source program designed to analysis your hard disk space and represent it with an interactive nested pie chart which consists of several concentric and segmented rings, now it’s a piece of cake to find which folder consumes the most disk space. Hovering over any segment shows you the full path name of the file or folder, you can open this directory in file explorer, show details of it in a new dialog, or center graph on this folder.

Free Software to Analysis, View and Free Up Disk Space in a Pie Chart


  • Allows to rotate / zoom the chart, change the text size and text density.
  • Allows to delete directories via the right button menu.
  • 2 scan engines available: simple engine, native engine.
  • 2 draw engines available: basic, WPF draw engine. 4 color styles available: random colors( neutral ), random colors( bright ), linear, linear 2.
  • Allows to integrate to Windows explorer.
  • Supports all storage devices including local hard drive, USB thumb drive, network folder, CD disc, DVD disc, etc.
  • Allows to save and load the graph for comparison between different dates.
  • The pie chart can be exported to a PNG file.
  • Portable version available.

HDGraph works on Windows 7 and Windows XP, etc.

By the way, Filelight is a Linux alternative to HDGraph.

HDGraph is a 284KB download available from SourceForge.net.

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