HashOnClick is a free MD5 hash generator

Compute the hash value of a specified file is one of the most requirement of us, after we have downloaded a file from a website, we can check the MD5/SHA1 hash value of it with the value list on the site to make sure that the file is correct. We can generate the hash value of specified files and folders and save it to a text file for later use, too.

HashOnClick is a free MD5/SHA1 hash generator

HashOnClick is a free program which is designed to integrated with Windows Explorer for quick generate the MD5/SHA1/CRC32 hash value of a file. After you’ve downloaded and installed it, you can just right click a file in the Windows Explorer or desktop to launch it, you can copy the hash value to clipboard or save it to disk.

With HashOnClick it’s a piece of cake to check if two or more files are identical.

HashOnClick works on Windows 7 / Windows XP /Windows 98/Me/2000.

Download it from CNET.

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