Hanso Burner is a DVD burner software as alternative to Nero

Today I’ll show you another DVD burner software for free: Hanso Burner, which claims to be the first-class of CD/DVD burning software, you can burn Data Disc (CD/DVD), Audio Disc, Video Disc with it in a short time.

This software is only about 2MB in size, and supports Windows XP/7, it’s an easy to use yet powerful dvd burning software.

The software offers:
Support for creating custom data;
Options to create rewritable and multisession discs;
Options to generate audio and mixed-mode projects;
Options to make direct disc copies, on the fly or using a temporary disc image;
Ability to create disc copies;
Ability to record disc images;
Ability to save (and encode) audio and data tracks to files;
Ability to open and edit projects that you have previously saved;
Ability to erase rewritable discs through multiple methods;
Ability to record to dual-layer DVDs;
Ability to burn disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE);
Ability to read and save audio and also data tracks to files (formats such as wma, wav, mp3 and .iso);
Comprehensive disc information;
Scanning for errors of tracks the user specifies;
Scanning of the SCSI/IDE bus for device and saving of info about their capabilities;
Integration to Explorer;

Download Now: hanso-burner-setup.exe

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