Full-featured Free File Sync Software

PureSync is an excellent file / folder sync freeware, it has an user friendly interface and is dead easy to operate, you can set up a new backup / sync job in a few clicks with the help of wizard, it allows you compare the source folder and the destination folder and shows you the difference between them in a list, you can include / exclude / delete selected files via the right button context menu, and start backup / sync.

With the help of PureSync it’s a piece of cake to keep folder contents identical between your local hard drive / usb flash drive / digital camera. PureSync supports scheduled synchronization, you can backup your files regularly.

free file sync software / folder sync software

You can use PureSync as an alternative to these file sync software / folder sync software: PathSync / GoodSync / Allway Sync / FreeFileSync / SyncBack / SyncToy / Toucan.


  • Backup / Synchronize files and folders between different folders or drives. Compare file by name / time / contents.
  • Supports drag n drop.
  • Provides step-by-step wizard which helps you create a new backup or synchronization job.
  • Supports automated backup and synchronization.
  • Supports Multilingual User Interface( MUI ).

PureSync lacks the ability to copy locked files, and does not support FTP. PureSync Professional does not have these limitations.

PureSync works on Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / 2003 / Vista, including the 64 bit versions.

Download PureSync from the developer’s website or CNET.

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