Free software to hide folders/directories on Windows 7/XP : EFL

If you are looking for a free program to hide files/folders/directories on Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7, I highly recommend that you give Easy File Locker a try, it’s better than many commercial software, but it’s very easy to use, there is absolutely no learning curve, it can keep folder contents invisible, anyone who do not have password can not stop the protection by Easy File Locker.

If you have some private files/directories, and want to prevent your father/mother/wife/husband/son/daughter or boss/employer from seeing them, then you should use a file hider software/folder hider freeware.

Free software to hide folders/directories on Windows 7/XP, file hider software/folder hider freeware

Easy File Locker is a free security application for both amateurs and professionals, which is designed to protect your private files and folders/directories, with its protection, anybody will not have the ability to access, read/write, cut/copy/delete/move the locked files/folders or directories. Any other users and software can’t see the hidden files/folders/directories, even under Windows Safe Mode or the command line.

Once you set a password, no one can launch the application or uninstall the software without the correct password.

Easy File Locker works on Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7. It’s size is only about 300KB.

Download Now from CNET or the developer’s website.

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