Free Software to Fix Network Connection / Repair Internet Connection

How to fix connection problems? How to repair network connection in Windows? There are lots of articles about this issue in the internet, and WinSock XP Fix is a well known freeware which could help you fixing/repairing network connection problem in simple one click. In the following paragraph I’ll introduce another free software which is similar to WinSock XP Fix to you.

Free Software to Fix Network Connection / Repair Internet Connection

If your network connection is limited or very slow, or you can ping google/facebook/twitter but can not visit their website through ie/firefox/chrome/opera, XP TCP/IP Repair may resolve your problem.

There are only two buttons on the window:

You can press the “Reset TCP/IP” button to reset Internet Protocol( TCP/IP ) to default status by rewriting the relative registry key.

You can press the “Repair WinSock” button to remove all LSPs( Layered Service Providers ), including the bad ones installed by spyware/viruses/rootkits.

XP TCP/IP Repair supports Windows XP and Vista, I have tested on Windows 7, and it seems that it could reset things for me, but because my system have no connection problems so I do not know whether it works on Windows 7.

Download it from CNET or the developer’s website.

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