Free software to disable usb ports

Nowadays almost everybody have a USB flash drive, USB thumb disk is very tiny and easy to carry, we can use it to transfer files between different computers, however it’s used so frequently that it may do harm to our pc. USB Port Locked( UPL ) is a free application which gives us the ability to disable usb ports on our computer.

Free software to disable usb ports

UPL is very simple, to use it just extract the archive and launch it with administrator privilege. UPL has two versions: USB Port Locked Not With a Password and USB Port Locked With Password, the name is very straightforward and self-explanatory. Now you can lock/unlock all the usb ports with just one click, the states of usb ports will keep unchanged after you closed UPL.

With the help of UPL, you will never be afraid of unauthorized copying data from your computer via those gadgets such as USB flash drive, external hard disk.

UPL doesn’t do much more than enable/disable usb ports, it works on Windows 7 and Windows XP, it’s portable which means that it does not need installation.

Download UPL from softpedia.

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