Free Simple Mind Mapping Software

VYM (View Your Mind) is a free and open source mind mapping program, you can use it as an alternative to Freemind or Freeplane.

Free Simple Mind Mapping Software


  • Easy to operate.
  • Import from KDE3/KDE4 bookmarks, freemind, mind manager. However I failed to import from freemind .mm files.
  • Export to png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, ppm, xpm, xbm image files and open office, xhtml, csv, KDE 3/KDE4 bookmarks, taskjuggler, LaTeX, XML and ASCII text files.
  • Zoom in / zoom out with Ctrl + +/-.
  • Set link color, selection color, background color, background image for a branch or subtree.
  • Add text or image as a child to any node.
  • Reposition selected node with mouse.
  • Plus many more.

VYM supports Windows 7, Windows XP and Linux.

VYM is a 7.68MB download available from

VYM is not as powerful/flexible as Freemind or Freeplane, for instance, you can not resize the image added to the mind map with VYM, VYM does not allow to export to pdf document, it even can not open the example files in Windows 7.

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