Free, Simple and Efficient File Compare Utility

CSDiff is a free file comparison application for Windows developed by ComponentSoftware which is designed to compare different versions of a file or directory like Visual C++ source code, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files and javascript files, it’s lightweight and simple. To compare two files, just pick them up and hit the OK button.

Simple and Efficient File Compare Freeware


  • Compare plain text files, html files, and Microsoft Word documents.
  • Options to compare files by line, by word or by letter.
  • Ignore whitespace.
  • Wrap lines.
  • Display line numbers.
  • Ignore the case of letters.
  • Allows to show changed lines only, and display a certain number of unchanged lines surrounding modified.
  • Export comparison result to external file, or print out it.
  • Allows to compare normal folders and compressed folders.
  • Free of charge for any personal and commercial use.

CSDiff supports Windows 7 as well as Windows XP.

Other similar free programs we’ve reviewed include KDiff3, ExamDiff, WinMerge.

CSDiff is a 1.3MB download available from CNET and the developer’s website.

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