Free Portable Video Encoder, Converter & Cutter for HDTV / Smartphone / PC

PocketDivXEncoder is a free, compact and portable video converter and cutter, it offers the ability to convert most popular video formats( MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. ) into avi format optimized for your favorite devices including HDTV, cellular phone, computer, laptop, etc.

Free Portable Video Encoder & Converter for HDTV / Smartphone / PC

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  • Multiple predefined templates for different handled devices: smartphone( HTC, etc. ), computer, high definition TV, Palm, PDA, home cinema, iRiver PMP100, Archos, VGA( E800 ), etc.
  • Switch the orientation of target device between vertical and horizontal.
  • Use 2-pass encoding to improve the video quality..
  • Support B-Frames( bi-directional interpolated prediction frames ).
  • Support deinterlacing, VHQ, IVTC( Inverse Telecining, convert to 29.97 FPS for TV-compatibility ).
  • Several adjustable parameters: framerate( FPS ), video quality, audio quality, brightness, saturation, sound volume, contrast, output dimension.
  • Built-in video cutting/resizing/cropping functionality,
  • Audio normalization, live effect, audio removal, etc.
  • Direct video stream copy without recompression and quality loss.
  • Direct audio stream copy without recompression and quality loss.
  • Support preview before conversion.
  • Support batch conversion.
  • Encode the output video into FFMpeg or XviD format.
  • Templates generator available, it allows to create, customize your own profiles and save them to templates, you can specify the width, height, video quality, audio quality and other parameters of the output video.
  • Plus many more.

PocketDivXEncoder works on all Windows platforms.

PocketDivXEncoder is a 6.9MB download available from the developer’s website.

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