Free PDF Splitter and Merger

JPDF Tweak is a free, lightweight and open source program developed by schierlm, it provides you the ability to merge( combine ), split( burst ), rotate, scale, reorder( shuffle ), add watermark, encrypt, sign pdf document files easily.

Free PDF Splitter and Merger for Windows/Mac/Linux

JPDF Tweak is portable, if you already have Java installed, you can double click the file named “jpdftweak.jar” to launch the program.


  • Allows to specify the beginning page and ending page, just check the “Multiple file input/Select pages” option, double click the number, edit it and press enter.
  • Allows to include odd or even pages only.
  • Allows to rotate pages, include or exclude portrait pages and landscape pages, remove implicit page rotation.
  • Allows to scale pages to A4 portrait, A4 landscape, Letter portrait, Letter landscape, Note portrait, Note landscape, legal portrait, Legal landscape while preserve aspect ratio and hyperlinks.
  • Allows to add transparent text watermark, page numbers, page transitions, attachments.
  • Allows to shuffle pages, change page numbers.
  • Allows to change chapter bookmarks, import or export to csv files.
  • Allows to modify document information.
  • Allows to encrypt pdf with 40-bit RC4 / 128-bit RC4 / 128-bit AES algorithm, you can set the owner password and user password, change the permissions( printing / fill in / modify contents / screen readers / copy / assembly / modify annotations / HQPrinting ).
  • Allows to compress / optimize the pdf output.

Suppose that you wish to split a pdf file named “PDFVManual.pdf” to several single-page pdf files, you can press the “Select” button to choose the source file, then optionally you can specify the start and end page, now navigate to the “Output” tab, input the filename as something like “D:\pdf\output*.pdf”, then check the “Burst pages” checkbox, final hit the “Run” button to perform the task.

If you want to combine several pdf files to a new one, just check the “Multiple file input/Select pages” checkbox, hit the “Select” button and select all the source files using shift key or ctrl key, then input the output filename and press the “Run” button.

JPDF Tweak works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux, and supports 64 bit Windows.

JPDF Tweak is a 740KB download available from

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