Free PCB Layout Software

PCB( Printed Circuit Board Layout Tool ) is a free printed circuit board editor application which place different components in different layers, this feature is similar to Adobe Photoshop, you can turn a layer’s visibility on or off, then add, select or edit specific element.

Free PCB Layout Software for Windows/Mac/Linux


  • Zoom in or out with mouse wheel.
  • Supports tens of copper layers.
  • Hundreds of predefined elements( components ) available in the library selector window: Connectors, Crystal, Electro-optics, Headers, Keystone, Msp430, Amp, Amphenol, Bourns, Candk, Cts, Geda, Minicircuits, Nichicon, Optek, Panasonic, Pci, etc.
  • Output formats supported include: RS-274-X (Gerber), NC drill, and centroid data (X-Y data), png, etc.
  • Allows to validate the connectivity.
  • Autorouter.
  • Trace optimizer.
  • Design rule checker.
  • And many more…

Printed Circuit Board Layout Tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

Printed Circuit Board Layout Tool is a 14.7MB download available from

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