How to Add Mathematical Symbols and Equations to Your Documents

MathCast is a free and open source equation/expression editor and manager that enables you to create and edit mathematical equations with virtually any mathematical symbol, these equations can be exported to images or MathML( Mathematical Markup Language ) which can be easily inserted to webpages, Microsoft word documents and OpenOffice documents.

Free Open Source Utility to Add Mathematical Symbols and Equations


  • 12 predefined equation list: basics, styles, advanced, matrix, mathcasting, calulus 2, combination network, convolution, electricity, laplace, maxwell, vector poynting.
  • Dozens of signs, symbols and letters available: arithmetics, equal signs, greater than – less than signs, powers and roots, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, linear algebra, complex, calculus, operators, basic symbols, overhead operators, arrows, sets and logical operators, double-struck letters, special letters, small greek letters, large greek letters, markup, parenthesis-block-matrix-vector.
  • Support 3 clipboard copy formats: bitmap, enhanced metafile 1, enhanced metafile 2, MathML.
  • Support 3 XML layouts: Named, Hexadecimal, Unicode.
  • Allow to customize the default foreground and background color for equations.
  • 3 font smoothing( antialiasing ) type available: none, standard, Windows XP ClearType.
  • Embedded unit converter.
  • Plus many more.

Free Open Source Utility to Add Mathematical Symbols and Equations

MathCast works on most popular 32-bit Windows platforms.

MathCast is a free download available from

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