Free Open Source Schematic & Flowchart Design Software[ Visio Alternative ]

Diagram Designer is a free, simple, open source and slim vector graphics editor developed by Michael Vinther, you can use it as a free alternative to Microsoft Visio.

Free Diagram Designer, Free Open Source Schematics & Flowchart Design Software[ Visio Alternative ]


  • Zoom in / out with Ctrl + mouse wheel.
  • Add new elements with drag and drop.
  • Allows to add, cut, copy, paste, delete, rotate, align objects easily.
  • Allows to export to gif, jpg, png, mng, bmp, cur, ico, emf, pcx, wmf files.
  • Built-in spell checker.
  • Built-in expression evaluator and graph plotter.
  • 6 template palettes available: Electronic Symbols, Flowchart, GUI design, LaChimere AutoRealm, Polygons, UML Class Diagram. The predefined elements include:
    NPN, NMOST, PMOST, JFET N, Zener diode, Schottky diode, Photodiode, Varicap, Thyristor, Triac, Bridge, Transformer, Permanent Magnet Motor, D, R, Radi, Radj, Lamp, Opamp, Buzzer, Battery, Thermal fuse, Generalization, Arrow, Composition, Aggregation, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Octogon, Hexagon, Connector, SidebarRectangle, RoundedRectangle, Conifer, Decision, Predefined Process, etc.

Diagram Designer works on most major Windows platforms including Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

Diagram Designer is a 1.32MB download available from CNET and source code ).

One Response to Free Open Source Schematic & Flowchart Design Software[ Visio Alternative ]

  1. John says:

    After reading another review, I tried Diagram Designer but felt there were some features lacking. Next, I tried Gliffy and thought it was okay, but finally landed on LucidChart.