Free Open Source Password Manager

Password Safe is a free and open source password generator and manager for Windows and Linux. It allows to add, edit, delete and store the username, password and other information of your account to the encrypted database, anyone else who does not know the main password could not view and steal your passwords. You can use it as an alternative to KeePass.

Free Open Source Password Manager, KeePass Alternative


  • Allow to install as portable program.
  • Allow to add and store the following information to each new entry: Group, Title, Username, Password, URL, Email, Notes.
  • Import from plain text, XML format or KeePass files.
  • Export to plain text or XML format files.
  • Merge/Compare/Synchronize another database with the current one.
  • Built-in random password generator, there are 8 options available:
    • Password length.
    • Use one or more Lowercase letters.
    • Use one or more Uppercase letters.
    • Use one or more Digits.
    • Use Symbols.
    • Use Easy-to-read characters only.
    • Generate Pronounceable passwords.
    • Use Hexadecimal digits only.
  • Clear the Windows clipboard upon minimize/exit.
  • Lock database automatically after a few minutes of idle.

Password Safe supports Linux and most Windows platforms including Windows 7, Windows XP, etc. It supports both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Password Safe is a 8.76MB download available from

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